Judson Lee Music

Music for Film and Television


Footage, Video, Concept by Josh Etheridge  

    Original Music by Judson Lee




"NCAA Basketball"     "NFL" (CBS)     "Criminal Minds" (CBS)     "American Idol" (FOX)

"Tough Love 2" (VH1)     "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" (E!)      "Dance Moms" (TLC)

"Dr Oz Show"     "Shark Week" (Disc)     "Jersey Shore" (MTV)     "Let's Make a Deal" (CBS)

"Nitro Circus" (MTV)     "Breaking Amish" (TLC)     "Parental Control" (MTV)

"Hip Hop and Love" (VH1)     "MLB Baseball"     “The Little Couple” (TLC)

“Toddlers and Tiaras” (TLC)     "Tough Love Couples" (VH1)     “Teen Cribs” (MTV)

"The Back Up Plan" Movie with Jennifier Lopez (2010) – movie and soundtrack.

“Betheny Getting Married” (Bravo)  *Staff Writer     “2010 People’s Choice Awards” (CBS)’

“Daily 10” (E!)     “E! News Live” (E!)      "My Super Sweet 16" (MTV)

“America Now” (CNBC)     “16 and Pregnant” (MTV)      “Basketball Wives” (VH1)

“ESPN on ABC Sports”      Many, Many, More


Judson Lee



Judson Lee has been surrounded by music his whole life.  Judson and all of his siblings started studying piano at the age of five and by the age of ten were required to study a second instrument, his instrument chosen was cello.  At the age of sixteen he was encouraged to take up a third instrument and he chose the electric bass guitar.  After graduating high school Judson was offered a full scholarship to play piano in Liberty University's premier traveling group and he continued his musical studies there in Piano performance.  Since graduating with a piano performance degree he currently is composing music for film and television underscore.  He currently as music placed in over 800 Shows, 1000's of episodes of television alone!  Always looking for the next project and the next opportunity to help be a part of.

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